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Welcome to Form 6!

We have been off to a very busy start this week! We, like the rest of the school, have studied the book ‘The Story machine’ using ideas from that we wrote different sentences using grammar we remembered from previous years about one object to create a pictures made out of words just like Elliot does in the story machine.

We then designed our own machines and central characters taking inspiration from both the book and several different film clips about machines and inventions. After this, we turned our ideas into story boards.

We started looking at place value in maths. Thinking about comparing numbers with millions in and looking at all of the different ways you can partition a number as well as what each digit in a number is worth on its own. We also played the game Nasty and Nice, trying to beat each other to make the biggest and smallest numbers using our place value skills!

We have also been learning about our new project ‘Pole to Pole’. We began by creating art work based on the amazing natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights using chalks and pastels on black paper.

We are going to be leaning all about the North and South Poles, we will study: their unique and exciting geography including their climate, vegetation, landscape and wildlife; the history of arctic and Antarctic exploration and how this has shaped mapping and exploration throughout history; their beautiful and diverse landscapes through art; the various foods that both are native to the poles and that explorers needed to survive in DT and we will be reading and writing about the poles and polar exploration throughout our project.

We also began thinking about our own questions we wanted to investigate about the poles and displayed them in classroom ready for the term ahead! All of this exciting work will then be shown in a polar exhibition at the end of Advent term including a film of our adventures!