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Year 5


We are very happy that you dropped in to see us. This page currently contains pictures of our classes hard at work in our classrooms; however, these pages will be regularly updated with information relating to our classroom activities so please keep checking back for new information.

See you all again soon.


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Last week in Form 5, we looked at The Story Machine by Tom McLaughlin as part of our school’s book week. We focused on a particular scene where our main character (Elliott) discovers a typewriter. We talked about the impact of the torchlight in the scene, showing us how the most important objects were featured. We also discussed how different points of view can change our focus, and the children made drawings of the scene from the perspective of different characters.


We also began work for our project for this term. We are studying Macbethby William Shakespeare, and began our rehearsals last week by looking at the use of language and character within a play. You can see a picture here of our class working wall, describing some of the questions our class came up with about the challenges of staging a professional play. Our project-based learning will also include some of the contexts surrounding Shakespeare’s time (particularly the Tudor era), along with writing opportunities including character and setting descriptions.