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Working together for the achievement of all.


Our aim is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which engages all children and stretches them to achieve all that they can.  We follow the National Curriculum (2014) in all subject areas. In order to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) we have created a whole school curriculum map which is supported by detailed unit plans.  Please refer to the curriculum map for further details and if you require any information about our curriculum please contact the Head of School through the school’s contact details.


  • An overall curriculum map is in place that has been designed, structured and sequenced to be contextually appropriate and includes knowledge and understanding gained at each stage;
  • A map which is translated over time into structured unit planning for delivery within the context of the school;
  • A curriculum which is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards its clearly defined end points.



  • This curriculum is implemented through classroom teaching.



  • Children make progress by knowing more and remembering more - progress is defined as “systematic and cumulative knowledge”.
  • Children transfer background knowledge to new contexts, which is essential for the understanding and comprehension of new material.
  • Children develop fluency and apply their knowledge as skills (not reduced to, or confused with, simply memorising facts).
  • The end results of a well taught curriculum is that pupils know more and are able to do more.  The positive results of pupils learning can be seen in the standards they will achieve. 

SGHS Curriculum Map 2019-2020

Early Reading and Phonics