St George's Hanover Square

CE Primary School

Working together for the achievement of all.


How do I make an application for a school place?

Please read the Admission Arrangements document on the ‘Key Information’ page of the website.  


What time does school start?

To help out families with drop off, we have a ‘soft start’ to the  day.  Doors open at 8.30am and all children should be in school by 8.50am for registration at 8.55am.  


Do you have before school care?

No, unfortunately we don't have before school care.


Can I park on the premises?

No.  Unfortunately, there is no parking available for parents and carers.  Please park your car away from the school entrances and never park on the yellow zig-zag lines because the area outside school becomes congested and it is then unsafe for children arriving and leaving school.


Can my child cycle or use a scooter to come to school?

Yes.  Your child can cycle if they are accompanied by an adult and we do not need notification of this. However, if you wish your child to cycle or scooter on their own we need a permission letter from the parent.  Scooters and bikes can be locked on the railings outside of the school at their owner's own risk.


Do you have after school clubs?

Yes.  We have a range of after school clubs running on different days between 3.30pm to 4.30/5.00pm (see Parents page).  There is also a Play Club which is run by YMCA and pick up is at 5.30pm. 


What should I do if my child is not well?

If your child is too unwell to attend school then they should be kept at home.  If you are unsure whether your child will be able to cope at school due to illness, please bring them into school and have a word with the School Office so that we can be alerted to any potential difficulties.  We are always happy to give you a call should your child’s health deteriorate during the day.  Please telephone the school to let us know why your child is absent.


Are children given homework?

Yes.  Depending upon your child’s age, different amounts of homework are set e.g. Maths activities, spellings to learn or a topic to research.


Do you have a School Council?

Yes.  St George's Hanover Square has its own School Council. In order to be elected for the School Council by their classmates, the councillors have to prepare a speech saying the sort of things they would do if they were elected for their term of office which is a year.  The councillors meet once a month with a member of staff present and at these meetings they plan and discuss school projects.


What if my child has special needs?

We can meet a variety of special needs in school.   Please discuss your child’s needs with the teacher.  The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), Miss Sara Keeny, will be happy to meet with you to discuss specific concerns.


What if my child has English as an additional language (EAL)?

We have some children in our school who are in the early stages of learning English.  Your child will be given an English assessment and areas to work on will be identified.


When can I talk to the teachers?

Teachers are busy settling their classes first thing in the morning and can only receive the briefest of messages at that time.  They are more easily available at the end of the day when they have dismissed their classes.  Teachers are happy to make appointments to see you if you would like a longer chat.   


Is drinking water available?

Water is available in the dining hall.  Children are also permitted to bring water into school to drink in the classroom during the day.  This water should be in a clear plastic container that has a securely fitting lid.   It should be labelled clearly with your child’s name.  


What happens at lunchtime?

A school meal is available which costs £2.00 a day for those children in Years 3-6 (Reception - Year 2 do not pay).  Payment for the half term should be made in advance using the Online payment facility.  Cancellation of school dinners should be made at least half a term in advance.  Children can bring in packed lunches which are also eaten in the dining hall.  We encourage healthy eating and expect parents to choose healthily when creating a packed lunch.


Can I get free school meals?

If you think that your child is entitled to free school meals, please speak to the School Business Manager, Mrs Baukovic.