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RE Quality Mark

We are really proud of RE at St Georges. In November we were assessed against the RE Quality mark standards and are now pleased to announce that we have been awarded SILVER.  Please read our report below.

Pupils say that they enjoy RE and that teachers make it fun because they can take part in a range of interesting activities. They like the opportunities to role-play and the times for silent reflection. Y6 pupils were especially enthusiastic about the work they have done around RE through art.  Pupils thought that it was both important and interesting to learn about other people’s faiths and they valued the visits to places of worship that enrich the RE curriculum.


These are some profound comments from pupils: –

  • I think it is interesting that there are not only different faiths but that people of the same faith can have different ideas.

  • All religions teach something about good and becoming a good person.

  • RE could be improved by doing more of it! (But they struggled when the assessor asked what could be ditched to make room for the RE!)

  • I love that we can act out what people (of another faith) do as it helps you to feel as if you are part of their religion.

  • RE makes me question my personal beliefs.

  • …it makes me feel curious… reminds me who I am.

  • I can think about the way I can relate to the other faiths that we are learning about.


The school has done much to raise the profile of RE so that it is protected within a creative and cross-curricular project-based approach. It can contribute to a wider project but remains a discrete subject with its own books. Excellent links are made with RE and the wider work of the school, thus there was some very joined-up thinking about RE in the context of cross-curricular work, well-linked to understanding British Values and the school’s Christian values. This work carries forward into collective worship so that pupils can consider how they respond to wider concerns and important issues, thus completing the RE circle.


Much of the work seen in RE was at significant depth, for example when pupils in Year 4 thought about the links between human nature and religions. Pupils study a good range of faiths at sufficient depth so that, apart from the foundational knowledge of Christianity that would be expected in a Church School, they can talk with meaning and understanding about the key points of other world faiths.


The use of pupil ‘Faith Leaders’ to lead learning and contribute to the way that teachers plan RE is a very powerful feature.


RE Quality Mark Assessor November 2016