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CE Primary School

Working together for the achievement of all.

Term Dates

Term Dates 2018/2019


Michaelmas Term 2018:

  • Inset 3rd September 2018 (Staff Only)
  • Inset 4th September 2018 (Staff Only)
  • Wednesday 5th September term starts
  • Friday 19th October term ends


Advent Term 2018:

  • Monday 29th October term starts
  • Friday 21st December term ends


Epiphany Term 2019:

  • Inset 7th January 2019 (Staff Only)
  • Tuesday 8th January term starts
  • Friday 15th February term ends


Lent Term 2019:

  • Monday 25th February term starts
  • Friday 5th April term ends


Easter Term 2019:

  • Tuesday 23rd April term starts
  • Bank holiday 7th May
  • Friday 24th May term ends


Summer Term 2019:

  • Monday 3rd June term starts
  • Friday 19th July term ends
  • Inset 22nd July 2019 (Staff Only) To be taken as twilight sessions.
  • Inset 23rd July 2019 (Staff Only)  To be taken as twilight sessions.